What Makes An Automated Genius Pellet Press Controller More Powerful and Competitive…

Increase your production output with the Genius Pellet Press Controller, which is a highly accurate automated controller optimising pellet quality and eliminating costly blockages.

Developed by Gordyn & Palmer software engineers this State-of-the-art computerised automated system is both cost and production effective and can be used for:

  • Optimised pellet quality, completely independent of operator
  • Consistent throughput, delivering increased productivity
  • Eliminates blockages and costly downtime
  • 24/7 support & built-in diagnostics
  • This Pellet Press Controller supports 4-pellet presses, with
  • unlimited number of formulae per press
  • Critical parameters are formula based making it ideal for difficult
  • materials
  • Keypads and displays for local press control ensuring
  • operators can access the information they need at the press
  • This controller can be readily interfaced to other systems
  • It’s easy and affordable to upgrade from your existing manual
  • control
  • Production reporting including alarm and downtime summaries
  • Modular hardware & software, allows for ease of future expansion
  • Online accessibility including cloud reporting


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    Increase your production output and eliminate costly blockages.

    Increase your production output and eliminate costly blockages.