Farms/customers can automatically place product orders online through a standard web browser on PC, smartphone or tablet.

These orders are transferred directly to the Genius 5.0 batching system at the plant.

To date, our real time online batch ordering systems have helped our client’s minimize human errors, increase productivity, eliminate time consuming manual data entry and reduce plant overhead.

What Makes The Genius 5.0 Online Batch Ordering System More Powerful and Competitive than its competitors?

Our online batch ordering systems can be customised to your specific plants needs and are designed to grow and adapt with your operation.

Developed by Gordyn & Palmer software engineers this state-of-the-art computerised automated system is both cost and production effective and can be used for:

  • Product Ordering
  • Online accessibility including cloud reporting
  • Mobile and tablet interface
  • Batch Status
  • Real time batch data
  • Production progress
  • Customised reporting
  • Destination farm & silo selection
  • SMS & email capability
  • 24/7 support
  • Seamless interface to ERP, weighbridge or other software packages


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Automatically place product orders online on your PC, tablet or phone.