Ensure complete material traceability with a bar code scanner at the Hand Additive station.
Increase your production output and eliminate costly blockages.
Maximise your plants efficiency with your current systems.
Increase Production and Profits with the Genius Blending System.
One system, one solution with real-time data.
The Automated Plant Control system will manage all of your plant, one system one solution.
Maximise your plants efficiency with your current systems.
Reduce material costs and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your liquid addition.
Plan, monitor and schedule production from your office.
Automatically place product orders online on your PC, tablet or phone.
Manage your entire plant with our Automated Plant Control system.
Deliver the right feed to the right pen every time via GPS truck delivery.
Increase your production output, schedule feed requirements in real time while inspecting pens.
No costly product recalls
Allow your carriers / customers to automatically book a time slot in advance for loading through an app on PC, smartphone or tablet.
Eliminate the need for multiple systems and double data entry.
Eliminate costly delays in batching and ensure your ingredient bins are always topped up.
Eliminate the risk of contamination with a Genius Hand Dump Terminal.
Monitor and track your site through on your PC, tablet or phone.